How to Remove the Guesswork of Running a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Forget all the antics that come with trying to set up a FUNCTIONING and SUCCESSFUL Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad. Quit pulling your hair out over the tech while still being frustrated with choosing the right strategy and let me hold your hand while we create a FUNCTIONING and SUCCESSFUL Facebook Ad.


This is for you if

  •  You're ready to hire someone to run your Facebook Ads, BUT you want to learn how to run ads so that you will always know if your ads are successful and where your money is going
  • You're CURIOUS about using Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but want to test it out
  • You KNOW that want to hire me for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, but are currently able to financially

Then this is the GROUP is for you!  Whether your a newbie or experienced business owner or if you own an online or brick and mortar business, whether you have something to sell or not, you too can use Facebook and Instagram ads to effortlessly build a list of qualified leads that are ready to buy.

"Glynda has helped me tremendously!  Running Facebook ads has always been overwhelming, but I knew I was missing out on growing my audience by not running them.

Working with Glynda has saved me time and increased my audience in a matter of weeks!"- Kendra, "The Key Resource"

"The strategy calls were really helpful. It was cool to see that if I put money in that money would come back to me. If you need a great Facebook Ads Manager who has knowledge of industry numbers...I suggest Glynda." - Maya, Brand Strategist

Here's what we will cover:

Getting to know your Ideal Client

Retargeting-reintroduce people to your funnel

Creating Capturing Images/Videos

How to Setup and Manage a List Building Facebook Ad and Instagram Ad

Installing the Facebook Ad Pixel Tracker

How to Create a High Converting Freebie

Hey, Friend!

I help business owners generate consistent and qualified leads with their Social Media, Facebook Ads, and Instagram ads.

I receive questions all the time about how to make the algorithm work better for customers. Or people typically want to know how do they improve their outreach now that the algorithm has changed.

I am going to use my experience and expertise to show you the key steps that you've been missing to tackling the algorithm once and for all!